Consumer Units

Why should you upgrade your fuse box and what are the benefits?

If you are unsure about the electrics in your home or think that you have dodgy wiring, maybe you need your consumer unit replacing.

Benefits of using our consumer units include:

Tick Old fuse boards don't have RCD protection
Tick An RCD could save your life. Find out how it could protect you, your family and your home (What is an RCD?)
Tick An old fuse board will be less efficient and will generally cost you more in the long run than an upgrade

Are You unsure about the electrics in your home?

  • Do you think there's dodgy wiring in your home?
  • Does your consumer unit have replaceable fuse wires?
  • Do your fuses trip regularly?

IF You Answered YES to any of the above ACT NOW and protect You, Your family and your home call 0114 403 1140

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Consumer Units Diagram

If you have an old fuse board installation like the one shown on the left then the chances are it's not safe. Having a fuse board replaced can be a big decision but also a vital one and in some cases life-saving.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) How long does it take for a fuse board to be changed? A) The process takes from 1 - 2 working days. Q) Which consumer unit is best for me? A) Click here to find out Q) How much does a consumer unit cost? A) Click here and get your personalised quote within 1 hour.

Find out which consumer unit is best for you and your home

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