Code of Practise

Over time the word “Tradesmen” has been tarred with a lot of different brushes! Here are some of the main worries that come to mind

Captain Badmouth 1. Captain badmouth - A bad mouthed tradesmen with little to no manners (not really someone you want in your home)
Our response: If you hear a tradesmen use foul language or say something offensive at all, contact me at: and they will be asked to leave at once.
Messy Matthew 2. Messy Matthew - A tradesmen that feels like leaving something behind. If you are lucky it's only his tools.
Our response: Your home will be as clean as it was before we started and that's a promise. (We have trained the tradesmen to use a hover and they have been potty trained!)
Deposit 3. I want it all and i want it now! - The fly-by-knight that wants an “UPFRONT DEPOSIT”
Our response: Upfront Deposit?? WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR ONE.
Half A Job Larry 4. Half a job Larry - If number 3 was not bad enough this one certainly is. (A tradesmen who wants paying for half a job)
Our response: We never request money before a job is completed and I mean NEVER – We will see the job is completed fully and we give you after job support.
Jack of all trades 5. Jack of all trades - As the old saying goes “jack of all trades, master of none”
Our response: We will not send you a plumber when you need an electrician. All of the tradesmen we deal with are checked and fully registered, safe, legal and insured.