About Online Electrical

The secret formula you have been looking for:
  1. Simple – we find out your needs and meet them
  2. You – we work with you and understand every customer is different
  3. Exclusive – we will tailor-make a quote, time scale and service that suits you
  4. Free – no obligation 100% transparent quote
  5. Risk Free – You will not pay until you are satisfied
  6. Support – we will provide you with free on-going support after the job is done

Our Goals & Achievements


  1. We will give you a FREE electrical health check for your home
  2. We use over-shoes to keep your carpets clean
  3. We use sticky sheets to protect your carpet
  4. We always keep up to date with training and learning
  5. We have our own online system so you can track your jobs, quotes, invoices and pay online

To Do

  1. Set on one more highly experienced and like minded electrician so we can serve you faster
  2. Offer more free information on our help site www.electricalhelper.co.uk

Our new simple and easy quotations/invoices

iPad System

We will come out to you and email you a no obligation, risk free quotation within 1 hour!

One of our staff will come to your door equipped with an iPad to quote the job while at your home! We will then email you a quotation that's easy to follow and after job completion give you the option to pay online via paypal or credit/debit card.